The Chef's Garden

If you are a food's lover, you have to know about this place. Almost everywhere i worked for use this company. They are the best, when it comes to appreciating farmed foods. From organic baby cucumbers 1 inch small to edible flowers to beautiful lettuce and microgreens. They are the best. I learned so much at a regional Ritz Carlton conference that was held at the coconut grove property for the Ritz's chefs and lead staff members. I had a 2 feet away opportunity to meet up with the farmer himself, but at that time i didn't even know it was him, i regret it till this day, i wish i knew it was him. (remember, network is soooo important, talk to someone you don't know.... cause you'll never know til you ask!) His vegetables looked and tasted amazing. I'm telling you, his farm had different heirloom baby tomatoes (green, yellow, red, and stripped), to different baby vegetables like eggplant, the funny looking baby cucumber (i'm telling you i never saw anything that small). I tasted his baby basil, cilantro, and arugula. The list goes on, and on, and on. They are located in Ohio and they have clients all over Florida, and everywhere else in the US. They are great! You should check their photo gallery (to bad it's not as great as seeing the real thing), and read his website... you can tell this is truly a passion. Seriously if you live in Ohio.... pllllleeeassse, check out this farm, it will change your life... it's definitely my dream to check it out my self :)
(The Chef's Garden) htt
(Their sister site Culinary Vegetable Institute)

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