Lever House Restaurant's Cookbook

If you are interested in culinary you have to check out this book. The recipes are so simple... not meaning easy, but not to much ingredients to make a dish. Chef Dan Silverman stands on always making dishes with a clean taste and a little gastronomical science background, with simple ingredients, but with an elegant presentation. I love this book it's one of my favorites. Even the architecture of the interior is interestedly unique with a 60ish kind of feel. I bet to eat there would be a one of a kind experience. Check out their website: http://www.leverhouse.com/index_flash.html
It's also cool to find out he worked at Le Bernardin http://www.le-bernardin.com/, one of my fave restaurants that i would have love to work for with Chef Eric Ripert the famous "Chef Poissonier". To specialize in such a delicate area. Where you have to learn that when you are making a dish... fish is the king, and all the ingredients around it it must support the fish's beautiful taste.
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