Yeah! It's me birthday!

"Lets see, what did i do for my birthday? I woke up early this mornin' to head to work, my car broke down and i had to walk 45 mins to the hotel. I got there and of course it's Sunday. So you would think the restaurant wouldn't do much during the summer (our slowest season)... Wrong! I got slammed! I was in' de weeds man'! (restaurant term meanin' : getting extra extra busy that your tryin' to keep up with the continuous orders during rush, sweating your b***** off ...wait i don't have those. Running out of food left and right...) but luckily we didn't have to 86 anything (huh... another restaurant term meanin': canceling food items). I dragged my self to the locker to change... then had to wait for the last running bus in the hot hot sun (oh can't forget that i had to run to the bus station a block away... hey man i don't exercise... that was painful,ok! ) which came "thank you lord!" But it's always like that on my birthday, freakin' bizarre or crazy :) but i thank God for another day. I'm fine with it all :)"

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