Kitchen Life: Where does it take you?

Anger....where does it take you?
I just realize something about anger that i never knew about, til today...
It's an evil disease....where does it take you?
Bickerin'... yellin' with your eyes closed, your mind shuts off...
It doesn't help a soul... it doesn't help you.
I learned this long time ago:
Anger makes you blind, and it makes your audience deaf..
Did you know when you yell at some one, the message does not get across,
And all they focus on is your tone?
And in return they defend themselves as if you are starting a war.
Well, the reason i talk about it:
I can get angry: at work, when i used to be in school, in public, with my spouse...
If you were recorded and you watched yourself...
You would look like a damn animal!
And learning to be a chef and workin' in a stressful atmosphere has taught me alot!
For all those who work in a stressful atmosphere: keep focus and stay cool!!
At the end it's not even worth it. <--- Remember what I say here!!!
I just finished watching a piece with Jamie Oliver ( a talented celebrity chef in England).
Ok it's a busy day ahead, you have a huge number of guest on your list you have to cook for, ppl are in pair to cook a course (salad, entree: pasta or fish, dessert). Sound simple?
Chef shows everyone what they are in charge of and how to do it. First table is in...Perfect all the salads are out and rolling :) Guest have been coming in one by one... things are starting to roll. If you didn't know this, restaurant life is like a snowball rolling down a hill. If you don't manage that ball it will get bigger than you and crush you! One kid is out from the pasta station (badly cuts himself). so during a dinner rush you are down on one...Damn! Now ...It's on the fish station, there seems to be a problem with the oven!!! Fish dishes needed in 5 mins are still raw!!! What do you do? Pause here!
Kitchen life definitely a mental thing!!! Mind over Matter!
now from what i learned you hurry up take that fish out, tell the chef the oven is down, and quickly using your skills and knowledge ...get that order done! One thing you must understand, guest could care less about your situation in the kitchen..THEY ARE HUNGRY...THEY WANT THEIR FOOD!!
Get another oven working, get it done on the flat top! Do something and do it now!! Never lower your standards for life little mishaps pleasures!!
Well this is what happen in Chef Oliver's kitchen:
One by one the domino's began to order is late! They all are...because they are still workin' on the first dish! Goodness!
Chef tells them over and over..I need that fish now!
One gurl gets upset! "Tell them, I apologize...there's nothing we can do!!"
[LOL! Bull! ]
Ppl are waiting for there food and your sorry?
Well the bickering goes on between the chef and the "Fish cook in training". She gets angry, tells the chef to shut up and not being able to handle the pressure...she walks out...
No fish order has gone out in 45 mins...since the salads where done eatin'!!!
Chefs tells all of them to stop...and tells them to walk out to the dinning room!!!
They all go out to meet their disappointed guest?
They walked out to an empty untouched dinning room with uneaten dishes organized by menu courses.
The lesson is: Anger is so superficial!
For future chefs and cooks....don't act out in anger...use your head...because you cannot...cannot do both. Don't waste your time getting angry, use the time to solve the problem with the brain God gave you :)
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