Chinese Chicken Noodles

I was total starvin' today, i wanted to come home and make something quick, and i felt like noodles.
Don't get the name mixed up, it's not a Chinese traditional dish. The noodles i used was called Chinese egg noodles that are almost like ramen noodles. i got these dry egg noodles a couple of weeks ago from our local Chinese market. Most of these type noodles were food colored yellow.
I took out my trusty cutting board and began to cut my vegetables, i always do vegetables first before starting cutting raw meat...don't you think that would just be a whole lot safer? lol... please remember that always :)
I cut and shredded up about half of my Chinese cabbage (which is napa cabbage..i love it for it's delicate flavor compared to regular cabbage, and plus it's much lighter so i love to use a whole bunch)and 4 green onion stalks chopped. Then i cut up my chix breast about 1 to 2 breast should be fine, shredded it thin to cook fast.
Started up some boiling water in a pot and added some salt for seasoning. when it began to boil, i went ahead and dropped in my noodles (about a pound worth, to know what a pound is, grab your spaghetti box in your pantry...usually all dry pastas are sold in a pound in your grocery stores).
Heated up my wok, add my 2 tbsp evoo and 1/2 tbsp sesame oil ( i don't like to use to much sesame oil, because it's very strong). add my chix and began to stir, but let it sit for a while to get a quick color on the outside...but not to long to dry the chicken it. I added my cabbage, and drained my pasta. you have to multi-task when doin' stir fries...that's why it's very good to get all your mise en place ready (mis what? french word for "keeping everything in place"...basically your ingredients prepped and ready to go for use--great organization discipline).
i like to actually cook my pasta a lil under al dente, cuz when you add it to the stir fry it will cook longer, and pasta loooovvveee holding their heat... which causes them to keep cookin' and cookin' and cookin' get where i am goin' with this.
Now to that wok of cabbage and chicken, i added my 2-3 tbsp of soy sauce, black pepper. Now i added a green chili sliced thin...i like my stuff to be spicy...if you can't handle the heat don't add it!!!
Toss all together to make sure all ingredient incorporate.sometimes i would adjust at this point your seasoning make sure everything is ready for the big finish.
Add your pasta....and....BAM!
dang...all my culinary friend are goin' to hate me for saying that... i can see their faces now... but it was funny to me.
I mixed it all up, and and ate it all up. this is a quick meal to me, might be heard for some, i keep alot of Asian ingredients and pot and equipment in my home.
hey if you ever find an oriental, Japanese, Korean, Chinese market in your neighbor hood...go in... take a look, it might be overwhelm at first...but take home at least five things you know...and try them out at home. you don't have to cook an Asian meal...but try the ingredients in your original dishes for a kick and see what you come up with.
i love using my bamboo steamer... i can't wait to start on dim sum...yo!! that is not an easy thing either...peace ;)

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