Talkin' About Energy

I bought this book called "The Food Doctor".
There were three alphabetical grade levels categorizing great energy boost food .... of course A being the most effective.
( i won't list them all, but here are some)
A: wholegrain, broccoli, apples, berries, salmon, pumpkin seeds, etc.
B: wild rice, sweet potatoes, corn, bananas, almonds, etc.
C: pasta, cucumbers, green beans, dairy, beef, etc.
The cool thing about it, when you learn about the things, what certain fruits, vegetables and grains do, you mix and match and create something not only good, but scientifically healthy...weird huh.
Plus the book is not a doctors boring 600 black & white page series...hehehe. It's full of bright colors of food and very well organized, so that you can use as a reference instead of reading the whole thing, plus it's less than 200 pages.

Plus on that subject, thank God I found this book, with the double shift goin' on, i differently need the energy.
I've been doin' good over there, so far. I believe I have 60 percents of my salad's ingredients memorized by now, and i love the vibe from the busy nights. They said after thanx giving it's goin' to be three times crazy...
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