Tomato Chutney?

Well, yes... i've been away for a very long time, 20 days for exact. I don't know what really happened... i just didn't feel like bloggin'

I know, i just started, and here i go... already fallin' off the wagon...well, luckily that wagon was goin' pretty slow... so i just jumped right back on.

This has to be one of my favorite recipes to give out, it's almost an identity that i've been tryin' to create for myself for a while.

Identity? Well, all chefs are different... and me a wanna-be-chef... needed to know... who am i? What do i like, what do i eat or make that makes my heart skip over 100? What makes me say, this is why i love what i do?

Well, this certain condiment was first created by an old friend cook of mine... that i decided to take as my own and add a little of my own flare... it's tomato chutney or candy however you want to call it... it's not one or the other but both... and good :)

when i taste this chutney (which i prefer to call it, even though some fellow cooks may disagree), i feel a mixture of cultures clashing at my tongue, and sending me to a place so relaxin' ... i feel like i'm home... well, this is no magic chutney, and you won't feel how i feel, but just me :)

well, what i did is take a couple of cherry tomatoes, i would say two pints is good enough, and give them a good rinse. Toss them in salt, pepper, and olive oil and roast on a sheet pan whole with thyme at 275 til it began to get blisters. I let them cool down and place them in a sauce pot. Add equal part sugar and water just to fill above the tomatoes.

(psss... this is a recipe in progress... that's why i can't really just write it out, as if you are readin' a cookbook...sorry! ughhh)

I add some spices... cinnamon sticks, chili pepper flakes (ease on the chili !), nutmeg, orange zest, and fresh picked tarragon leaves and of course a little bit of salt.

Mix the mixture well, and let it reduce slowly to a syrup consistency :)

adjust flavors if need... but it should be sweet, with a citrus background and peppery at the tongue... plus a beautiful flavor of tomato you probably never tasted before :)

This is great on freshly seared grouper. I love grouper, you don't need alot of funkiness to go on to make it taste good, it's stands on it own.

Well, if you couldn't figure out what kinda flavor chef i'm goin' for: i love bold flavors with Asian and Caribbean inspiration... i love the rule of spicy, sweet, bitter, sour and hot rounding each other off. And this recipe to me is just the beginning ;)

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