Balsamic Demi-Glaze

Well, i had used this glaze to put on some small quail one time for a party...everyone was enjoyin' it... it's just fun to try new things with certain ingredients... givin' that twist to make ppl!

Toast off some black peppercorns and mustard seeds in a stock pot til it became some what aromatic... then pour the oil in the pot and let the seeds' flavors fuse with the oil.

I then sweated some mirepoix... the usual: onion, celery and carrots (ratio: 50:25:25).

When the veges became translucent I added my minced garlic. Cook that down to make the garlic more sweeter with less taste of rawwww!

Then i added a little bit of tomato paste to the mixture... cooked it down til the tomato paste flavor was more mellow.

Deglazed with red wine first (let it reduce til the alcohol smell was gone)... then add the blasamic.

Poured in my Beef Stock... (but of course if i had veal stock it would have been...ohhh sooo good!)

I then let it steep for a couple of minutes with some great fresh herbs as: rosemary, thyme and oregano (but just a lil bit of each, you don't want it to over power the balsamic flavor).

Drained the whole batch, and placed the liquid back into the sauce pot, and began to slowly let it reduce to a nice glaze... of course with some seasoning of salt along the way. It's pretty good.

psss...after i roast the quail i brushed on the glaze... i never tried it during the roasting process.... hmmm i now thinkin' would it had been it i used it as a sauce? i'm gonna have to try to recipe again someday...i probably would reduce it less though.

If i would do this again, i wouldn't mind to eat this with some fresh garden greens as a salad, and have finished the quail on the grill.

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