Bokchoy, Tofu & Noodle Soup

This soup is very simple, and it is probably my first recipe that i have repeated through out the years.

One thing it doesn't really call for is to many ingredients. And it's light and not so heavy on the stomach... even though my tummy can take so much things from extra hot to funky textures... but it's all good in pleasin' the tongue :)

Well one thing, at the time i was doing this recipe... I was actually trying tofu for the first time in my life. And with it's unique texture it was definitely an ingredient i wanted to learn more about.

I had some thinly sliced onions and scallions and sauteed them in a sauce pot or large wok. I took some bokchoy earlier and separated into two parts, green (leaf) and white (stalk). (psss...oh yeah one thing, please watch how much heat you use...yeah... i know they say saute is on high heat with little bit of fat...but doesn't mean you have it blazin' to the point you scorch everything single ingredient in your dish... i'm not a big fan of that black crusty layer of bitterness in my so avoid this by watching your heat, and put it at a comfortable level...because it's also how fast your going along in stir frying....if you take to long to add the next ingredient, it can set things off in a direction you don't want it to go, i'm talkin' about burnt or overcooked food :) ...alright... lets get back)

I took the thin sliced stalks and added it to the mix with minced garlic. Deglazed the whole thing with sherry wine (for substitute you can use white wine, sherry vinegar or rice wine vinegar). Deglazing basically takes off all that caramelized goodness from the bottom of the pot and incorporated with the rest of the ingredients, helping to intensify your goal of flavor. Next i added sliced shitake mushrooms , sliced carrots, the sliced bokchoy leaves and almost to the end....Chinese rice vermicelli noodles. I flavored the soup with hoisin, soy sauce and fresh cilantro leaves and my flavored tofu.

flavored tofu? yeah, i like to flavor my tofu with sambal olek. Tofu is an item that can pretty much take the flavor of other ingredients that you put with it. So what i did was take a saute pan, heated up the spicy condiment with the cubed tofu pieces.

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