Changing my routes...

Oh my gosh!

What has happened? These routes that i've been following... look... like... dead ends!

I didn't want to jump onto the fastlane!

Now I've missed all those stops on the local routes in town!

Don't you hate that? When you loose the site of your goals?

I want to be a chef, but not now...

For some it's all about moving up the latter...

But for me? I'm just a Foodie Fool!

I love eating, dream, playin', sharin', enjoyin', cookin' and talking about food!

lol... i don't want to be a manager, in a desk doin' inventory!

I gotta get off this route now!


Well, I've been lately...I've just realized that I'm doin' someone else's goals and not the goals that I made several years ago before I went to culinary school. I wanted to learn to cook, travel, and work with great chefs... not graduate, work at one hotel, move up the latter and stay there for the rest of my life! And whoever says that can't come true... stick a sock in it! I can be a manager some other day, but now... i just want to explore and cook food the right way!

Now i know why i started this blog...

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