The Importance on Goals

I never knew the importance of goals, until about a couple of weeks ago.

You see that lady up there? That's my grandma :) She is my inspiration today for being a cook. You see that stove? That's where i stood 19 years ago... melting yogurt in a pot to make a sauce... lol.. trying to be like my grandma.

I would be there every weekend, she would cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for me. I would walk across the street to the local grocery store and buy the $1.25 chicken from the butcher...

I would wake up 6 o'clock in the morning on Saturdays to go to the outside flee market in Miami to buy vegetables and fish and to drink fresh coconut juice.

When i was about three years old, i remember watching ppl come in and out of my grandma's dinning room... until a couple of years later i realized she used to cook up big meals to serve her neighbors and that's how she made her income.

I always wonder why she worked from home, i never saw my grandma with a job, then my mom told me she had to stop...workin' in the kitchen was being terrible for her knees... basically her health.

My family was not the greatest in getting along, but We where always there to share a plate.

And i can see why it was important for me to do something my family was so good at. I watched my mom raise us up single just like my grandma... but never getting the chance...not once! to live her dream... why? she had to take care of us (me and my lil bro).

That's why goals... something i've been givin' as a gift because of the females in my family... are so valuable... i get to set them! I get to actual achieve them! Wow!

I almost threw this out the window, until a couple days see I had trouble figurin' out what i'm suppose to do right now... ok, i'm at a 5 star hotel... i thought i had it made...and all i have to do is stay there, and work my way up to be a chef!

Reading Daniel Boulud's Book... Letters to a Young Chef... changed my life. It basically talked about his journey and what a cook should do before settling down to be a chef...

He made me realize... this is a craft... like a baby... you have to nurture it, feed it, give it what it needs to grow strong, mature and healthy...

And to make the point even clearer... as if God was nudgin' at me to get the point.. i read this...

(from Becoming a Chef):
"Alfred Portale stresses how important it is to choose first jobs carefully: "You really need to make the right choices in terms of your career. Once you start, it's critical that you get the right experience. Don't get off track and start working at some kind of crappy restaurant. Set your sights on the best, and try to get yourself the best experiences. I'm a product of all my different experiences. I see so many people who needed the money or went for the title or for various other bad reasons got into a series of kind of 'mid-restaurants' and now they're trapped. They can't come out. When you're starting out early, it's good to get a lot of varied experience. But as you mature, and you grow as a cook, you should commit to a place for a minimum of one year,. It's better to see one-year stints at several restaurant than someone who's worked for four years at one."

HELLO! This has to be talkin' straight to me...i've been here for four years now (where i work at)... and lately i've been feeling empty... "gosh what do I do now?" . It was like the only thing i could do is work to move up... But I felt... i'm not even ready to be a chef here... or even be in the position i was in. It's like everyone was movin' fast all around me, getting better paychecks, positions, etc (and of course I was one of them)... but that's not what i wanted... my problem was my knowledge... i felt like it was one dimensional.... "this can not be it!"

And that's why i decided to set my goals again... I've learned alot from the place I am now, but this is not it! There is more! I still want to travel and work in other kitchens... i want to be able to soak in as much as I can now... I have less responsibilities than a chef! I should definitely take that into consideration. I remember one chef telling me... once you move up, you will have less time and opportunity to learn... you have to do it all... now!

And that's my goal!


Deborah Eley De Bono said...

We all need inspiration, don't we and it's good to get it from family. Why not, they are always around. I stood at that same stove with my grandma and mom and learned to cook, something that I treasure to this day. I passed on that love to my daughter as I'm sure you will too.

Good luck with your dreams and goals I bet you'll accomplish many things.

Anonymous said...

I am pleased you have come to that realization. So often people get bogged down in life and before they know it they are not where they decided or wanted to be. Best of luck with your quest for culinary knowledge!

mgfrederic said...

Thank you so much!

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