The Cheesecake Factory

I love this restaurant, it's a total ppl pleaser. They try to satisfy hungers from all walks of life.
oh yeah! They even have Pecan Pumpkin Cheesecake (i wanted to make this at home, well actually the pie, but cheesecake? even better!)
I just started workin' there yesterday. And i had fun, there had to be at least 7 cooks on the line, one for each station: pantry, pizza, broiler, fry, pasta and sautes located in an semi-open kitchen. They are an organized runnin' machine. They always have an expediter (who uses a mic to communicate with the prep cooks, dishwashers and managers in the back of the house.) Most head servers, hostess and lead cooks have ear mics to communicate with each other.
Well, i work on pantry. I have to memorize about 25 different salads (you have to write them down so that you can take it home to study, because some of the menu items change), and in three days i will be tested on it!
Some of the salads are: BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad ( black beans, grilled corn, bbq sauce , etc), Chop Chicken Salad ( corn, tomatoes, apples, avocados, etc.), Steakhouse salad (fresh tomatoes, herb crusted fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, red onions, etc.). Most of the salads have alot of ingredients, plus they try to be international with the flavors (Southern, Asian, Hawaiian, etc.)
Almost everyone told me that it gets mad crazy in there. So i need to be well prepared. I'm so excited though! I wonder how i will handle it when it gets busy!

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