Fresh Flour Tortillas

I love tortillas... especially for its versatility... burritos, chimichangas, chalupas, enchiladas, fajitas, flautas, quesadillas, tacos, tostados and totopos.
You can make so many different fillings... you can almost satifsfy alot of ppl with it too, vegetarians, shrimp lover, all beef lovers, etc.
I remember tryin' a real Mexican meal for the first time, i ordered taco con carne asado ( i hope i spelled it right)... basically it's taco with steak meat pieces. It's not like something you find at taco bell (a place that has brainwashed me on what true Mexican food is really like)... man, i never new how great it can be.

It was in a fresh hot soft corn tortilla... soft corn tortilla? I never had that before, I always had corn chips in a bag from the supermarket... amazing.

i grew up on a dish close to polenta that my grandma made with red beans... this reminded me of that... you can taste the authenticity... what real food is like... you taste corn! not salt...well it was just a great experience.

But today i made fresh flour tortillas... talk about easy!

Got my hot griddle pan on the stove heated for over an hour ... (well, not really a griddle pan... i improvised... all i had was an aluminum looking Dutch oven round pan...kinda thing... i don't know what they call it... just like the picture below- but my family... i guess really in our culture... we use this type of pan alot for making our rice to cooking our meat... it has alot of pores which some how seasons our food from previous dishes... i think this probably was a cheaper way of havin' something like a cast iron pan? I need to talk to my grandma more about it really)

Getting back on track... i use the lid (upside down on the burner) as my hot plate (which had no knob on it anymore... cuz i use this pan alot from braising to frying my traditional family food)
Using a simple flour tortilla recipe:
5 cups all purpose flour, sifted
1/2 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
1/2 cup of shortening (or you can use lard)
1/2 cup warm water
So basically in a large bowl ( that you can fit both of your hands in).... mix the flour, baking powder and salt. Add the shortening and cut it into the flour with your hands... adding water little by little (popped in my mind... my mom .... making dumplings ) til the dough comes together.
Then you will put it on your dusted work surface and knead for about 10 -15 minutes.
My husband helped alot with this... this is great for everyone to do as a family too...
Divide the dough into 12 pieces and roll in a ball and roll out with a rolling pin as if you are makin' a pie crust (basically roll a flat round shape with 1/8" inches thin or 12 inch round in diameter... which will shrink when it cooks to about 10 inches in diameter).
Then cook off each piece on the pre-heated heavy skillet one by one for about 2-3 minutes on each side (or til you see light golden brown spots blister from the dough) and keep the finished one warm between a clean dry towel.
I served mine with fajitas... it was really good and the family enjoyed it alot.


Deborah Eley De Bono said...

Was Scrapple what your Grandma made? She would chop up leftover sausage, ham or beef and put it in cornmeal mush and refrigerate overnight in a loaf pan. In the morning she'd slice it about half inch and fry it up for breakfast. Not too healthy but quite tasty.

Living in Southern California I grew up on tortillas. Good for you to make your own.

Anonymous said...

Tell us more about your Grandma's did she make it?
I love your blog - really enjoy it.

M. G. Frederic said...

thank you guys, i definetly will do that one day in one of my future blogs... which will be soon :)

M. G. Frederic said...

Was very excited to see someone else who talked about the dish you guys are interested in. I know i'm years! but enjoy! lol

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