Spicy Tomato Salsa

Remember those flour tortillas i made the other day? Well of course to enjoy some great fajitas, i needed great condiments... one was of course salsa...

yeah this might sound sooooo easy, but seriously... what's more fun than doin' it yourself... fresh!

Just plain delicious tomato salsa, with a great kick and... yes... better than the can stuff :)


2 fresh Jalapenos (thin sliced with seeds.. oh yeah :) )

1 large onion (small dice)

2 limes, grated and zested (another one for just juice used later)

10 ripe plum tomatoes (large dice)

1 bu fresh cilantro (not chopped, pick the leaves)

1 tsp ground cumin ( you can toast the spice if you want to bring out more flavor... just takes less than two minutes on dry heat in a small saute pan with constant movement)

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

salt and black pepper (i love havin' the different kind of peppers, all holdin' it's own characteristics)

Basically I just took all the ingredients, placed them in a pot, and simmer... the tomatoes broke down creating the liquid, and you just want to reduce that liquid by a 1/4. Remove from the heat, and just squeeze and mix a few drops of fresh lime juice into the batch.

Serve with the fresh flour tortillas...

Even better the next day... cut the left over tortillas into triangles, and toast in the oven for "Tortilla Chips and Salsa" :)

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