First Day at Atrio

All I have to say is it was awesome, it was exactly the type of restaurant I wanted to work in. The menu is eccentric and creative. The concept is mainly Latin-Asian Cuisine and that's what I love to do... :) I was so excited and happy to know that I am finally in a place that I fit it.

The menu was incredible.  I enjoyed everything we made... it was great.

Lobster tempura sushi,which was a sushi roll filled with just scallion and lobster meat dipped in tempura batter and fried.  It was delicious and the flavor was heighten  with the addition of black bean sauce.   This sushi roll was only part of the lobster dish that it goes with... which is a whole was a huge portion... and of course just amazing to have placed right in front of you!

Well, in the kitchen I will be in charge of doing sushi and desserts on the cold line.

They have a Peruvian sushi rolls stuffed with a cream cheese sweet potato puree mixture... it was tastefully creamy...

Surprisingly there was a dessert sushi as well created with raspberry gelee and coconut rice :)

If you ever go to Atrio, I demand you try the Cafe Con Leche Dessert. Ever had chocolate lava cake? Well, it's almost the same, but this one is more pale in color and of course with a hint of coffee flavor.  It's served with homemade cookies and cream ice cream.  This is what I call a dessert!  It's something that hits my soul, something that is very bold in flavor a very comfy dessert.

Oh...and I can't forget the Raspberry Mojito dessert.  It is part fresh raspberry puree and part Creme Brulee in a margarita glass... to much... I swear. Just plain awesome... there is nothing I would not want from his menu... who is he? Well, the amazing chef: Micheal Gilligan.... I will talk to you more about him later :)

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