Gordon Ramsey Dream

**Excuse my typos... i have a sinus infection and can't really see.. lol

Ok...this dream just came out of no where, but was very interesting... i really don't know why I had this dream...it was almost as if it was real... but here I go...

I was walking down some unknown road, i look to my right and i see Gordon Ramsey (dressed in a white chef coat with black four lines stripes going down his coats' arm and collar) half way standing out of a lil pub (a stand alone white building with red line lights bordering the building )givng someone a sheet pan covered with something to another unkown person smiling.

I kept walking down the road until I was in front of another stand alone building, this one was white as well, look like a huge German house... with brown wood trimmings and a gable roof.

I stepped in, the place is packed with hungry ppl. I was escorted to my seat...and guess who was seating in fornt of me... Gordon Ramsey (dressed in a black suit , white under t-shirt and a funky tie...all i was thinking when i saw him was... how did he change so fast?). He was asking me about the bulding, and in this dream...I had a memory of seeing this place before and recently givin' a tour.

Well, he asked me a question... "Are you familiar wiht the restaurant now?". I said in a nervous way... "Yes". He said... "I want to you walk around to each section of the restaurant and tell me what region of cuisine the food is from... since i have each section broken down to a certain region and different menu"

So I got up...went around...first table i look at... i believe i said it was chinese (now, gordon Ramsey was not with me at this point... he went back to his duties... and switch back into uniform), and this restaurant was very wide, with brown colored wood all around, and when i looked up I saw wooden beams.... with a skeliton attic... meaning you can see right through it.... with a wooden tv holder attached to the ceiling up there, wierd. Andy I walked into another section of the open restaurant and I saw a bunch of lil spanish kids...and I saw mexico food (my head is shaking right now, typing this cuz it's so stupid...lol) so i figured with the corn cakes they were eating it was mexican, then i walked out did a lil dance, a twirl and snapped my figures with a huge smile.

I looked fron afar and saw my cousin and her kids (even konw right now she only has one newborn) and I walked over and I said "what are you guys doin' here"... she says "well, I knew you were goin' to be here, and we wanted to check it out" I asked them which cuisine are you guys trying.. her husband says "I have no clue... all i know is that there is no steak on the menu" I look at their table... my aunt was eating a grille flank steak... and there was white asparagus and pototoes on the table...some how i figured it was french....and that was it... wierd!

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