SOBE Wine and Food Festival... Part I

On February 24, 2008... i got a chance to go to the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, hosted by FIU (Florida International University), Food and Wine Magazine and The Food Network.

This event was a three day experienced filled with so many seminars, kid adventures and opportunities to
meet your favorite celebrity chef.

I bought a $210 ticket for the Publix Grand Tasting Village (Culinary & Lifestyle Seminars and American Express Grand Tasting) event that ran from 11am to 6 pm. It was located on 13th street and ocean drive, Miami Beach.
It was a perfect day, a damn good day to bee on the beach... that's for shore. I knew that the event was goin' to be held on the beach so I wore my sandals and my fave shirt "Red Hot Chef"
I was greeted by Delta Sky 360 Team. They gave me my goodie bag and wine glass with a special strap that goes around my neck that holds my wine glass :) nice... i swear they think like me... cuz everyone that knows me from skool and work.... i always forget things, so i like to put it around my i don't loose it :And there was the entrance... i knew that once i stepped in... i was goin' to have the time of my life... an opportunity, sure worth... 200 dollars!
When you walked in, you were already greeted with ppl passin' out hors deourves and little tasty treats. I looked at my schedule...
Alright... there is the Publix Grand Tasting that starts at 1pm... so what do i do in the mean time? Seminars!!! Not just any borin' Seminars... these were being hosted by my favorite Food Network Chefs!!!
There were Three tents Kitchen Aid Stage A & B had the Chefs, and Target Stage C had the Local Chef competitions.
At 11am Tyler Florence is havin' a Seminar right now! As I walked closer... I could hear him... i quickly got to the tent.. that was already packed and found a seat. I thought to myself... how amazing is this... me a cook, that is always in the kitchen with no life... is here on a nice sunny breezy day, sitting down watching Tyler Florence live! He was definitely one of my heroes... he was the first one I wrote a bio on in culinary skool... he is very knowledgeable and obviously passionate... and... gained weight... hey i can't be the only one who notice but still cute to me :)

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