Raw Beef & Sweet Beet Tartare On Paprika Puff Pastry

Hey I'm still exploring my boundries on what can go with what. And this came out kinda good..actually the taste was really good. The raw cubed beef and yellow and red cubed beets tasted so well together mixed in a ginger and garlic aioli that had jalepenos. The all around taste was very sweet (from the beets), robust (from the beef and aioli) and the puff pastry gave it a nice savory finish. Always make sure you season the puff pastry it self... great trick to finish off smooth.
Of course i'm still learing... we never stop... my chef told me the beet was a little undercooked...it had a little crisp to it. I recommend always to check every item before you mix. :) There is always something new to learn and perfect!

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