Papaya Cannolis with Passion Fruit Sorbet

This weeks special. Chef Antonio is so passionate with his desserts, you can see it shine when you take a bite. This dessert held sweet memories for me. Especially with the cannoli themselves. The papaya mousse, tastes just like the way my grandma made papaya shake as a kid. So comforting. I just took a huge sigh just thinking of it. Plus, do you see those little beads of fruit on the sorbet? Would you believe that is fruit caviar? Yup it's all science, one day...maybe I'll let on you to it more :) The caviar is a mixture of melon fruits, watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew. The juice have been turned it to chewy melt in your mouth fruity beads. The plate was also decorated with diced mango and papaya soaked in spiced rum and passionfruit pudding drops. Such a great treat in this torturing hot sun.

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