Fresh & Crisp Flatbread at W Hotel South Beach.

Cooked before your eyes, and a huge 500 degree dome stone oven.

It was awesome I told them to put everything on mine. I had a chorizo, serrano ham, black Spanish olives, bell pepper and roasted tomato flatbread. Later one of the chefs made another for himself, this time it was with goat cheese and bell peppers.
It doesn't matter which way you have it, the food is so fresh, it's just amazing to your palette.
You can't miss out on something like this. Plus making the pizza dough itself was a great learning experience. I've done pizza dough before, but this was a totally different recipe, and much easier as well, but gives an amazing texture after cooked. It's so crispy!

I really am loving working the the W Hotel in South Beach, I've learned so much in the past few weeks, as if I was in a fast track class. Hey, experience is where you learn, really learn!

Wanna make your own flatbread? Check out my old blog "Flatbread in the Making!"

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