Manchego Cheesecake

Chef Antonio Bachour has done it again. Instead of the Goat Cheese Cheesecake that was on the menu last season. Now it's Manchego. Chef wanted vivid colors with more fun on the menu. We are big fans of chocolate at the W's Bakeshop, sooo we need to get a little fruity. The geometric rectangle cheesecake is creamy in texture with it's added bonus of the genus idea of sour cream. It's wrapped in a Raspberry Gelee sheet. I have noticed how chef's dessert are very deconstructed. take a simple traditional dessert, take it apart, tweak it and put it back together again, but more like Picasso...not in the same position as before. Look at my other pastry W Hotel posts and you'll get to see what I'm talking about. The awesome and most incredible thing on this plate to my liking is the background addition...the Sweet Basil Syrup. Oh gosh, I could sample this syrup all day! It's so sweet and herby that it reminds me of my grandma's homemade's not mint. It's basil!

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