Quick view of the Atrio Menu...

Chef Michael Gilligan is a genius!!

  Roasted Chicken with Tomato Salad and Coconut Rice

This tomato salad can be made at home.  It's a mixture of tomato wedges, julienne onions, chopped cilantro and fresh lime juice.  Season to taste with salt and pepper.  You can get creative by adding avocado, corn or jalepenos.  Imagine this on the side of a grilled steak.  This would make a healthy choice for a side dish.
 Roasted Pork with Sage and Caramelized Apple & Pressed Pork Belly

 Seared Snapper served with Tri-Color Tubers
 Seared Salm w/ Arugula Salad
 Grilled Filt Mignon with Purple Potato & Chorizo Medley with a Peppercorn Demi Glaze
 Seared Seabass with Scented Jasmine Rice and Miso Demi Glaze
Don't mind the fool in the background...lol.  Hey if you thought this blog was all stuffy...think agaain....lol
 Can you guess what this is?  Caesar Salad!  Parmesan Crisp Served with a sweet Balsamic Glaze and of course Caesar Salad. 

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