Seattle Travel: Mount Rainer & Pho Saigon

 This was the first amazing site that I saw while on the plane before landing at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport.  Talk about an amazing view of a spectacular piece of rock!  I'm a Floridian seeing this just amazed me, totally felt content.  Wow...what a view!  I had to figure out exactly what mountain this was, but after doing some research while in my hotel room, I found it... it's Mount Rainer.  Also, it's actually a Volcano that is called in special terms, Stratovolcano due to it's multiple layers of volcanic ash, pumice, lava, etc. 

Then after a crazy long day (photos coming soon) I made sure I stopped by Pho Saigon, it's supposed to have the best Pho in the area of Kent, Washington where my hotel is located.  First they served me some tea and thank God for that, because I was freezing my but off in 35 degree weather...But I took it like a big girl!  I ordered the Steak Pho (which had rice noodles, thinly sliced steak, scallions and onions in a beef broth), they served it with a side of fresh crunchy bean sprouts, basil leaves, sliced chili peppers and a wedge of lime.    And there in the back ground you can see my Fresh Pork Spring Rolls with the usual vermicelli rice noodles, lettuce, basil and cilantro wrapped in a rice wrap served with a dipping sauce.  Very tasty.  The portions are big, so I'm actually eating the rest of the spring rolls at the hotel for breakfast while I write this ^o^ .  FYI:  It was my first time trying the Pho and I'm so glad that I tried it here.

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