Seattle Travel: SAM I am... (Part Two)

Honestly, I wish I knew the name of the plants below. Since I'm not much of a green thumb I was useless in labeling the plants below.  However,  I did managed to buy a little cactus like baby plant to take home with me on the flight.  Plus, they said it didn't need to much watering and little to give it a little bit of sun light..hey....that's the right one of me!!! lol

I just basically took a pic of all my favorite plants and also ones that were quite interesting that I've never seen before.  Hopefully one day...when I learn some discipline on taking care of plants I can have my own garden, which is something I really wanted to do!  So who knows!  If you know the name of the plants...please let me know!!!  This way I can actually label  Thanks a bunch.

 Will walking up to the conservatory...I cam across a little garden that they had outside.  These caught my eye, they are so bright and beautiful :)
 Since this conservatory is part of the Seattle Asian Art Museum it was natural to find a lot of Asian artifacts inside.  Wouldn't that be nice to have an Asian theme garden?  I really would love to learn the history behind this bell?  It's not the only place I saw it.  It my future posts you will see why.

 I don't know why?! But maybe because I love food so much, these remind me of Latkes (potato pancakes)!

 I have a feeling I will have alot ot cactus plants in my garden lol

This flower reminds me of the Japanese Cherry Blossom Trees with their pink snowy petals :)  I can't wait until I can see my very first Cherry Blossom Tree...the university I want to go to actually have some that were donated to them in their courtyard :)

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