Kid Friendly: Valentine Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Yes it's as simple as it gets!!  And yup, I'm not that great of a decorator, plus I DON'T HAVE TIME!! Hey I only had an hour to spare, so me and the little one made lovable treats ;)  He loves chocolate, so we had milk chocolate brownies with cookies & cream ice cream.  Plus wouldn't this be awesome if your date made these?  Especially when they don't know how to bake.  It's a very thoughtful way to show your love...awwww.   Enough with the lovey dovey....Enjoy!

Below you will find the easiest recipe in the world!

Valentine Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches
1 box Brownie cake mix (with addition requested ingredients from the company)
1 container Favorite ice cream
1 ea Heart shape cookie cutter
Optional: Powder sugat, sprincles, oreo crumbs, nuts, chocolate bits

  1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degree
  2. Grease and flour large baking sheet tray
  3. Mix brownie mix as recommended on the box.  (Hint: you can add red food color but a more redish-brownish color)
  4. Spread thin layer of brownie mix evenly on baking pan and bake
  5. While the brownie is baking: Use the heart cookie cutter to mold the ice cream into shape.
  6. Place desired amount of ice cream shapes back in the freezer to harden up.
  7.  When the sheet tray of brownie is ready, remove from heat and allow to completely cool off.
  8. Use the heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out the brownie shapes.
  9. Assemble the brownie and ice cream.
  10. Decorate using your wonderful creativity.

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