Steak & Bacon Potato Salad

A classic blend made with no sugar or salt.
Made with my own original recipe of Coriander, Black ground pepper, Mustard, Onion, Garlic, Dill, Caraway, Thyme and Lemon.  Visit Underground Spice Market to purchase the Montreal Steak Seasoning.

Underground Spice Market’s Steak & Bacon Potato Salad


1 ea Oil Spray Can
1lb Sirloin steak , Boneless
3 tbsp Underground Spice Market’s Montreal Steak Seasoning
1 tsp salt (option)
½ cup Mayonnaise
¼ cup Red Wine Vinegar
2 tbsp Dijon Mustard
1/2 Small Red Onion, Sliced
1 Celery Stalk, Small Diced
1 ea Red Bell Pepper, Small Diced
6 slices of Bacon, Cooked & Chopped
2 lbs Red Bliss Potatoes, Large cubes Boiled
3 ea Whole Eggs, Boiled & large chopped

  • Oil spray the grill or grill pan and heat up.
  • Season the Sirloin with 2 tbsp of the Montreal Steak Seasoning.
  • Grill or cook in the grill pan until cooked to desired temperature. Set aside for 5 minutes before cutting.
  • Once cooled, cut the sirloin steak into thin sliced pieces.
  • In a large mixing bowl: add the 1 tbsp Montreal steak seasoning, mayonnaise, red wine vinegar and mustard and whisk well.
  • Add the steak slices, onions, celery, red bell pepper, and bacon and mix well.
  • Gently toss in the potatoes and boiled egg.

All made to order spice blends with no salt, sugar and preservatives.

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