Steak Burger and Onions

Did another recipe from Pinterest.  This one is one of my favorites and reminds me of what my mom used to make for me.  The awesome recipe I got a chance to try was by blogger Food n' Focus

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Shaped the seasoned ground beef into flat nicely rounded patties.

Mash potatoes in my Kitchen Aid mixer.  Boiled russet potatoes with simmered milk, garlic, salt and pepper and melted butter.

Heating up the fresh herb in the oil helped release the herbs own oil allowing it to infuse into the the onions.

Removed the onions and herbs and made a roux. 

Added my secret ingredients into my gravy to give it it's nice color and flavor: Vietnamese Beef Flavor Paste used to make Pho. Then I added the onions back to heat up.

Added the steak burgers back to heat up. 

Served with fresh boil green beans. 

Made as meal prep to Freeze for the week.  No it's not a "diet" meal plan either.  Sorry!


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