Mojo Pork with Black Beans and Rice

Yum Yum Yummy!  This Cuban Mojo Pork Recipe from The Food Charlatan  was delicious!

I used a pork loin instead.  I might try pork shoulder next time, just had a hard time finding a smaller size, since I'm making the meal for! for meal preps. 

I used my handy small blender to blend the marinade. 

Ready to marinate!

I put the marinade, used limes and pork inside a sealed bag.  I marinaded the loin over night to cook it the next morning. 

Ready for the Rack!

Made my own rack! oversized sauteuse pan and cake rack. 

You know...I can't believe I didn't take a pic of the Loin when it was done! OMG!  But I'm actually going to make it again this week cause I loved it so I'll make sure I take that pic and add it to this post.  And don't forget to check my GoRedChef Instagram for the post. 

Portioned for the Freezer.  I honestly love this way of meal planning.  It helps out during the busy week, when I don't have time to cook or grocery shop.  I cook 4 full recipes that last up to two weeks or even more. 

Once frozen meal...can you believe it?  served with my mason jar avocado salsa. 

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